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Software Development is not Ditch Digging — It’s Micro-managing Zeros and Ones

I was in an interesting round-table discussion with managers of different disciplines: accounting, marketing, etc. The topic was micro-managment — centered around a hypothetical CEO who was copy-editing his top marketing director’s work before it was completed. There’s lesson behind the story; was he micro-managing?  If so, how? Was it appropriate? What would you do?  Is it appropriate for marketing or accounting?

A CEO who micro-manages a marketing flyer gets exactly what he or she wants.  It’s not productive nor a display of trust, but it “gets the job done” in the short-term.

A manager, at any level, can never successfully micro-manage software development. I’m not diminishing the value of marketing, accounting or any other difficult objectives or skilled people. Those who don’t have a software development background often do not understand, don’t want to understand or have misconceptions about software development.
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