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Chumby PhotoFrame 2

I’ve hacked up the Chumby PhotoFrame source from http://www.discarded-ideas.org/chumby/photoframe by Wansti.


Fixed a few bugs and created a USB image to enable http://localhost/image/ browsing on the Chumby.

I’m working on an CGI to allow uploading of images directly to the Chumby.

Please give me feedback.



This image contains lighttpd and ruby.
Images can be uploaded directly using http://ip.of.your.chumby/image/upload.cgi.

Chumby – A Hacker’s Microcosm

I got a Chumby as a holiday gift; it’s really cool and really hackable.

The good:

  • Hardware and software is open-source.
  • Runs Linux.
  • Very easy to hack: SSH, BusyBox, lighttpd, Ruby, etc.
  • Two USB ports.
  • Audio out (internal speakers sound amazingly good for their size).
  • Built-in microphone (haven’t figured out how to use it).
  • Can play FLAC files from USB drive.

The bad:

  • It’s very difficult to get it to show pictures off a USB drive. The only way apparently is to install a local HTTP server and use a widget: http://www.discarded-ideas.org/chumby/photoframeusb
  • Flash widgets/apps only — Flash is not open-source.
  • Switching between widgets and channels is fiddly.
  • One button is not enough considering widgets take up the whole screen modally.
  • It needs more RAM. 64MB is just barely enough.

Below is the “Virtual Chumby” showing my “Clocks” channel:

Overall it’s a very cool device. Right now it’s in the bedroom but it’s too useful to sit there as an alarm clock.

At some point I’d like to try to interface a small webcam to it.