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Scheme: New release of LL 0.15

Download: http://github.com/kstephens/ll/tree/master

LL is:

An embeddable pure, class-based, object Lisp system C library with multiple inheritance and mix-in support based on ideas from Scheme, Oaklisp and Dylan. Clean namespace and proper tail calls in C.

Version 0.15:

  • Adds a method lookup cache at all call sites, including primitive C code, reduces full method lookups by over 80%.
  • Relies on Bohem GC 7.0 (included).
  • Passes R4RS tests.
  • Improved bytecode compiler and constant folding on non-side-effecting methods.
  • Compiles with GCC 4.1.3.
  • call/cc is partially supported.
  • Stack buffers for activation records and values are dynamically allocated.
  • (write) and (display) detect loops.
  • Inline ll_call() macros are more optimized.
  • More posix: methods.
  • Better <error> attribute handling.
  • More hooks for default error handling behavior.
  • Debugger no longer pollutes global namespace.
  • Locatives to read-only globals correctly raise errors.
  • Objects with binary data slots will not cause (equal?) to crash, see <not-equal-mixin>.
  • Fixes memory problems.
  • Improved build process.
  • Improved boot process.
  • llt options: -e, -d, -p.